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Bond Highlights

  • Securities:


  • Amount:

    Up to €25,000,000;

  • Nominal Value:

    €100 per Bond;

  • Denomination:

    Euro (€);

  • ISIN:


  • Issue Price:

    At Nominal Value (€100 per Bond);

  • Minimum Subscription Amount:

    €2,000 and multiples of €100 thereafter;

  • Minimum Aggregate Subscription:


  • Application Forms Made Available:

    July 29, 2019;

  • Offer Period:

    The period between 09:00 hours CET on [29 July 2019] and 17:00 hours CET on [9 August 2019] (or such earlier date as may be determined by the Issuer) during which the Bonds are available for subscription;

  • Plan of Distribution:

    The Bonds are open for subscription by Authorised Intermediaries, either for their own account or for the account of their underlying customers;

  • Issue Date:

    July 18, 2019;

  • Interest:

    4% per annum;

  • Interest Payment Dates:

    August 12 of each year (including August 12, 2020, being the first interest payment date) and the Maturity Date (or if any such date is not a Business Day, the next following day that is a Business Day);

  • Maturity Date:

    August 12, 2026;

  • Listing:

    Application has been made to the Listing Authority for admissibility of the Bonds to listing and to the Malta Stock Exchange for the bonds to be listed and traded on the Official List;

  • Form:

    The Bonds will be issued in fully registered and dematerialised form and represented in uncertificated form by the appropriate entry in the CSD Register;

  • Status:

    The Bonds (their repayment, and the payment of interest thereon) shall constitute the general, direct, unconditional obligations of the Issuer to the Bondholders, secured by the Security as described below, and shall at all times rank pari passu, without any priority or preference among themselves. They shall rank subsequent to any other prior ranking indebtedness of the Issuer;

  • Security

    The Bonds will be secured by means of the German Law Mortgages and the Pledges.

  • Underwriting:

    The Bond Issue is not underwritten;

  • Governing Law of Bonds:

    Maltese Law;

  • Jurisdiction:

    The Maltese Courts.

Company Share Capital

The Company’s Ordinary Shares in issue consist of 50,000,000 Ordinary shares of the company each forming part of one class of Ordinary Shares.
Since there are currently no different classes of ordinary shares in the Company, all Ordinary Shares have the same rights, voting rights and
entitlements in connection with any distribution whether of dividends or capital (on a winding up or otherwise). There are no shares in issue that
have any preferred or deferred rights. Every Ordinary Share carries the right to participate in any distribution of dividend declared by the Company
with all other Ordinary Shares. Each Ordinary Share shall be entitled to one vote at meetings of Shareholders. The Ordinary Shares are freely
transferable and pursuant to admission to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange, the shares are transferable in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Malta Stock Exchange as applicable from time to time.

PDMR Notifications

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